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Creature Control Removes Giant Spider

Creature Control technicians spend most of their time dealing with nuisance wildlife that is more run of the mill – stuff like raccoon trapping, bat removal, catching groundhogs and things of that sort. However, once in awhile we get a call for something a little more…exotic? We ran across just such a case recently in Jackson, Michigan when our office got a call about an unwanted pest.

The folks that called us were from a shipping warehouse in Jackson. This business regularly receives crates and packages from all over North America. One day in July, they opened a shipping container from Texas and were shocked to see a massive spider come scrambling out. The spider was a tarantula, one of America’s most well known giant spiders.

The employees contained the spider and called Creature Control to come remove it. Our technician Dave was dispatched to take care of the tarantula. The employees at the shipping company were very adamant that they did not want the spider killed, and Creature Control obliged. We took the tarantula back to our headquarters where he has now become the office pet.

Despite its fearsome size, the tarantula is not venomous. Only two venomous spiders are found in Michigan, the Black widow and the Brown recluse – and the Brown recluse is not native to Michigan and is extremely rare.  It is believed that they have come in on trucks originating in the southern United States. The Detroit Free Press recently posted an article educating people on the Brown recluse in light of several sightings of the spider around the state.

Spiders are a very helpful creature to have around, but in case you can’t handle sharing your home with them, Creature Control offers spider control services that are able to keep your spider population at manageable levels and deter them from getting into your home. Read more about spiders and our spider control services in this informational article from Creature Control.

What our customers say about Creature Control

"Jason was very friendly and explained what was being done and why. He offered tips on clean up service and put me in contact with the right person. The bat removal was one third of what I was quoted by other companies! I will definitely refer them!"

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Stephanie D., Muskegon, MI.

1. Real humans answer the phone and are willing to give advice over the phone. 2. Your guys are always professional looking - well groomed and wear clean clothes and don't smoke, chew tobacco or other annoying habits. 3. Your guys are polite!

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Paulette, Ann Arbor

"Creature Control helped me when I had a bat problem. Jason sensed I was petrified and was very accommodating. After his visit, I no longer had bat issues. I like that I can trust this company to stick with me until I was completely happy."

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Kris K., Grand Rapids, MI.