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Biggest Yellow Jacket Nests Ever!

Have you ever had your barbecue ruined by a pesty yellow jacket nest on your back porch, or had to warn the kids against playing in a certain part of the yard because of a hive in some bushes or trees? Perhaps you have had the experience of having German yellow jackets get into your attic and gnaw away your drywall.

Yellow jackets are a huge problem in the late summer and our phones have been ringing off the hook these past few weeks with complaints about yellow jacket nests; it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that August is “Yellow Jacket Month.” Therefore, in honor of our unofficial Yellow Jacket Month, lets take a look at the top seven biggest yellow jacket nests ever!!!

I unfortunately do not know all the stories behind these, but one can only imagine!

Number 7: Freak Nest of Ground Wasps at the Base of a Tree

Number 6: Yellow Jacket Nest takes over Front Seat of Car

Number 5: Massive, Folded Yellow Jacket Hive on the Eaves of a Roof in Alabama

Number 4: Man in Woods With Colossal Hive

Number 3: Yellow Jacket Hives Devours Truck Left in the Woods

Number 2: Yellow Jackets Conquer Old Car

Number 1: Yellowjacket Nest Completely Engulfs the Interior of a Volkswagen Beetle

What our customers say about Creature Control

"Jason came out to investigate some noises we were hearing in our attic. He provided amazing service and was able to diagnose the issue. He gave me a couple of pointers to eliminate the pests. He was professional, clean, and most importantly honest."

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Mike B., Grand Rapids, MI.

Dave was terrific. His politeness, and great customer service was the best. He quickly identified the entry point for the scrabbling issue and also identified a bat problem. We've had no further problems after Dave sealed possible entry points.

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Joie W, Lansing, MI

"We were hearing clicking in the wall and after calling Creature Control found out we had yellow jackets chewing in my drywall. Trevor was super nice, professional and fast. He answered all of my paranoid questions with a smile. Two thumbs up!"

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Dawn C., New Hudson, MI