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Lower Heating Costs by Reducing Drafts

You might know us for removing critters from your home, but did you know we can also help with lowering home energy costs? From reducing drafts, repairing insulation, and performing a thorough energy audit, Creature Control has you covered. Skyrocketing Heating Bills? Lower outside temperatures often mean higher heating expenses. Creature Control has decades of wildlife control experience; while performing repair services for people, we have run into many energy efficiency problems. From construction gaps and insufficient or damaged insulation to improperly sealed entryways, we’ve seen it all. When unwanted pests crawl through these spaces, wind and drafts follow, making your home colder and increasing energy costs. Fortunately, Creature Control can assist with your draft woes! Insulation Inspections Based on the quality of your insulation, heat in the home can be retained or lost. Creature Control’s specialists can determine your insulation needs after examining for any issues. If any issues…

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