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Pesky, Invasive Birds and Spring Insects

Migrating Starlings Starlings have returned from migration and are probing and locating nesting sites. Common places for them to roost are eave returns, bathroom fan vent lines, and oven hoods. These birds are very messy nesters and can have up to 2 broods—one in the spring and one in the early summer. If given the opportunity, they make large nests, and their offspring are noisy, among other issues such as carrying mites and ticks, feces buildup, nest debris and smell, and deceased birds. Besides the constant racket, a starling invasion can clog or even destroy your vent lines. Other common pesty birds are English sparrows, which can have up to five clutches per nesting season. Though they are not as messy or destructive as a starling, they too can carry mites and ticks and can create a disturbance with their nest debris and feces while they utilize voids and ledges of…

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Raccoons are a Nuisance

Raccoons are one of the most destructive and mischievous pests, making them a massive headache for homeowners. Raccoons are not only damaging but also incredibly intelligent. They can open bottles, canisters, and other closed items, burrow under decks, nest in attics and chimneys, destroy landscaping, and more. Raccoons can cause an immense number of issues in a short time. Creature Control knows how to effectively remove these pests from your home or business. Don’t try to get rid of them on your own – we can help! Noisy and Invasive Pests Think you’re safe from raccoon invasions? Think again! Raccoons can fit into holes as small as 4.5 inches, thanks to their narrow hips. Once inside your home or business, raccoons will scurry around making a huge mess, while they seek and create a shelter from the cold elements. They make smudge marks and footprints on downspouts, pillars, trees, gutters,…

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