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Common September Pests

As summer comes to a close, these pests have fully matured and are ready to invade your home.

Insects Galore

What insects are out in September? The question should be what insects aren’t out in September! Bald faced hornets, yellowjackets, earwigs, ants, spiders and more are all on the move, many of them having their last hurrah before it gets cold. Fortunately, Creature Control has years of experience handling everything the insect world can throw at us. If you’re having an issue, give us a call. Contact Us

Red Squirrel Rampage

We are approaching the season when red squirrels have their second litter of the year. That means they want to den in your attic! Red squirrels can be incredibly destructive; we call them “chainsaws with paws.” If you’re dealing with a red squirrel problem, you will most likely need exclusion trapping to evict them. Click the link below to learn more about this process. What is exclusion trapping?

Here Come the Mice…

As we start moving into colder evenings, the mice are going to get very active. People who thought they were mouse-free will suddenly start finding droppings and hearing mice scuttling around at night. Don’t be caught off guard by rodents this fall. Call us today to talk about options for rodent prevention.

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