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Creature Control Helps Family With Bat Eviction

It is always problematic anytime an unwanted creature takes up residence in your home. Bat infestations can be particularly troublesome to homeowners due to the health hazards of bat guano and the costly expense of restoring attic spaces damaged by bats.

One Sand Lake, MI. family experienced this first hand. After dealing with bats in the attic for some time, they called in a professional wildlife control company. That company estimated that it would be $15,000 to remove the bats and restore the attic, which had been ruined by the bat guano. The family’s insurance company refused to pay for any of the clean up.

This left the family in a tight spot: they could not afford to foot the bill for the bat eviction and restoration, but neither could they remain in the home with all the bats, whose accumulated droppings had turned the upper level of the home into a health hazard.

Fortunately, Creature Control got wind of the story and offered to help.