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House Centipedes: Harmful or Helpful?

There is nothing more disturbing then waking up in the middle of the night to something scurrying over you.  For most of us we instantly get up, squash it, and flush the remains down the toilet making sure to note we need to call Creature Control in the morning.  Well, Michigan State University is reminding people that not all insects you find inside your home are harmful.  House centipedes, although creepy are actually beneficial as they feed on spiders and other small arthropods that enjoy living inside.

No matter how beneficial house centipedes can be some of us are unnerved by the presence of these quick little buggers.  Not only do they have 15 legs, they also house to long antennas on their heads, and two long antennae like appendages coming from their bottoms.   If you are one of the many Michigan homeowners that don’t really appreciate the presence of house centipedes there is plenty that our professional pest removal and prevention techs can do to help.  Give us a call today (800) 441.1519.