How to Tell If the Noises I’m Hearing are Rodents?

Homeowners know that a house makes lots of sounds—anything from the siding expanding in the summer, to attic beams contracting in cooler air, to the mysterious creaking sound of “the house settling”. There are, however, some sounds that are absolutely anxiety-inducing for any homeowner: the sounds of rodents in the house. Perhaps you have heard scratching in your walls at night, or the pitter-patter of something in the ceiling. These sounds may indicate a rodent problem.   How can you know if the noises you’re hearing are rodents?     The tell-tale sign of a rodent problem—whether it be rat, mouse, or squirrel—is the sounds they make. Although rodent sounds may be similar to those of bats, birds, or raccoons, there are subtle differences that can help you identify what might be causing them.    The points to pay attention to are the time, type, and location of the sound.   … Continue reading How to Tell If the Noises I’m Hearing are Rodents?