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Late Mosquito Season This Fall

Are you going to be eaten alive by mosquitoes over the next few weeks? Depends on where you live. Due to unseasonably high levels of rainfall in August, we are poised for some more intensive levels of mosquito activity in Michigan for the fall of 2018.

Rain itself is not the cause of increased mosquito activity; rather, it is standing water. When lots of rain falls in low-lying or flat areas without sufficient time for the absorption of rain water, the result is large quantities of standing water which in turn become breeding sites for mosquitoes. In Michigan, this is particularly a concern in Saginaw, Bay, Midland and Tuscola Counties, which all have low elevation ground and lots of standing water. These areas can turn into mosquito-hell when there’s a heavy rainfall, but this can really be the case anywhere that is flat or low-lying terrain.

The presence of standing water activates latent mosquito eggs, which typically hatch after ten days of being activated by the water. This means right now there is abundance of late-hatch mosquitoes entering the local ecosystem. Many people associate mosquitoes with the summer months and don’t consider early autumn a very active time for mosquito activity, but this is not the case. Early fall is prime biting time for mosquitoes; they tend to bite in temperatures over 55 degrees and wind less than 10 mph. The incredible September-early October weather for Michigan in the coming week will also be ideal for mosquitoes. Their favorite time of day to bite is around sunset, which is now happening earlier.

The good news is that the temperature will begin dropping below 55 degrees after nightfall, which will terminate the mosquito biting and provide ideal conditions for late autumn bonfires. Mosquito activity will cease when we start getting frost, but that’s probably not going to happen until late October.

If you are getting eaten alive and can no longer enjoy your property, give Creature Control a call. We have a variety of options for mosquito problems, including treatments of foliage where mosquitoes linger as well as larvacide pucks for standing water. Visit our mosquito page for more information on mosquito biology. If you’d like to speak to someone to get a treatment booked, use our contact page to email us or give us a call at 800-441-1519.

Source: Mlive “Mosquito Biting Explodes Due to August Rain“, Mark Torregrossa, Sept. 12, 2018