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Mice Ground a Plane

It is early autumn, the time when weather starts to turn cold at night and rodents seek for warmer habitats – usually the basement or attic of some unsuspecting homeowner!

While an increase in rodent activity in the Fall is common, a rodent infestation on an airplane is not, let alone having mice ground a plane. Yet this is exactly what was reported by the Asian Nepal Airlines this week. Airline officials say flight attendants spotted a mouse in the pantry of a Boeing 757, prompting Nepal Airlines to cancel a Bangkok-bound flight, evacuate passengers and tow the jet to a hanger to hunt for the rodent.

Airline spokesman Raju K.C. says the mouse is believed to have boarded the plane at the Katmandu airport Monday through a food catering truck (if the mouse came from a catering truck, it would be helpful for locals to know which catering company had mice in their food trucks).

He says the animal darted out of the pantry toward the back of the plane, where it remained unnoticed by the few passengers who had boarded. The cabin crew unsuccessfully hunted the mouse and then decided to cancel the flight and perform a more thorough search. The airline spokesman says the plane will not be used again until the mouse is found.

While grounding an entire flight due to the presence of a mouse might seem to be an overreaction to some, rodents can and do cause a significant amout of electrical damage every year by gnawing on wires. Besides being the cause of house fires, rodent gnawing is also an issue when vehicles are allowed to sit out in yards or fields without being used for long periods of time. Many people find, upon trying to restart cars that have been allowed to sit, that mice have gnawed through wiring. Thus, the presence of a mouse on a plane, with the possibility that it could get into wiring, does pose a very serious threat to safety.

Not to mention that mice have the tendency to provoke hysteric reactions from men and women who are sometimes desperately afraid of the little rodents.

While we generally don’t handle mice in airplanes, Creature Control does take care of mice in the attic and even mice in cars, RVs and trailers. Call Creature Control for any questions on effective mouse and rat control!