Creature Control

Mouse Invasion

The falling temperatures of October drive rodents indoors seeking warmth. What should you know about mouse control going into the autumn?

Getting a Handle on a Mouse Problem
The best way to get on top of a mouse problem is by use of our tamper-resistant bait stations. A combination of interior and exterior bait stations is a sure-fire way to take care of mice in the home. Give us a call or drop us an email for more information!

Get that General Seal
Knocking down the mouse population is only part of the solution—effective rodent control requires sealing off entry points to prevent rodents from getting inside your home to begin with. Creature Control recommends a general seal as an integral part of successful rodent management. Ask your Creature Control technician about looking over your foundation and giving you an estimate for a general seal. It goes a long way towards making sure rodent problems don’t crop up year after year.

Our Recurring Program Makes Mouse Control Easy!
Keeping bait stations stocked is vital to keeping the mouse population down around your home. But why go through the hassle of having to call and schedule restocks throughout the year when you can sign up for our recurring program and get your restocks handled automatically? Contact the office and tell them you’d like to get signed up for our recurring program.