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Pesky, Invasive Birds and Spring Insects

Migrating Starlings

Starlings have returned from migration and are probing and locating nesting sites. Common places for them to roost are eave returns, bathroom fan vent lines, and oven hoods. These birds are very messy nesters and can have up to 2 broods—one in the spring and one in the early summer. If given the opportunity, they make large nests, and their offspring are noisy, among other issues such as carrying mites and ticks, feces buildup, nest debris and smell, and deceased birds. Besides the constant racket, a starling invasion can clog or even destroy your vent lines.

Other common pesty birds are English sparrows, which can have up to five clutches per nesting season. Though they are not as messy or destructive as a starling, they too can carry mites and ticks and can create a disturbance with their nest debris and feces while they utilize voids and ledges of your home or building.

If nests have become established, you’re at risk for a vent line replacement, a hazardous nest clean-out, and spot cleaning. To prevent nesting bird invasions, we recommend covering and screening all vents, including adding a dryer vent stack and making repairs to eave returns, etc. as soon as possible.

Repair Damage from Nuisance Birds

Spring Insects

Overwintering insects such as brown marmorated stink bugs, boxelder bugs, and Asian lady beetles will soon come out in droves to feed and sun themselves. So too will the hibernating paper and brown wasps, who are carrying eggs from last season. These creepy crawlers and flyers will be seen in large numbers swarming chimney chases, gables, and eaves. Presently, there are no nests yet. As the weather continues to warm, these species will begin to seek nesting shelters, typically within eaves, near gable vents, under ledges, eave returns, and light fixtures.

Now’s the time to assess any pest problems before they multiply! For current overwintering issues, exclusion methods and preventative pest control treatments starting now through fall can curb next year’s invasion. A preventive spray around your home’s foundation and other high-traffic areas can go a long way in deterring this sort of activity. Call the experts at Creature Control to request service and schedule an application today!

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