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Groundhogs and Foundation Damage

Groundhogs are known for their large, distinctive burrows. A groundhog burrow can usually be identified by the wide, round opening, usually about the size of a melon. They often have large piles of dirt thrown out around them. Groundhog burrows can be extremely extensive, sometimes having up to five entrances, and can contain up to 45 feet of tunnels; the average burrow depth is five feet. Groundhogs prefer to dig their burrows against structures that provide overhead stability; in Michigan, this usually means around foundations, under sheds and decks, under brick pavers, patios and anything with a concrete slab. These extensive burrows can pose real risks to the foundations of buildings, which can be undermined by the groundhog’s activity. The photo above was snapped by one of Creature Control’s technicians at a groundhog trapping job. It depicts a foundation that was undermined and damaged by years of unaddressed groundhog activity….

Groundhog Foundation Damage
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