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Mice can get big, folks!

With warmer temperatures, mammals have woken up from dormancy and are getting active. With rodents giving birth to young, there is a surge of rodent activity and it is not uncommon at this time of year to deal with squirrels or mice getting into attics. A common mistake we encounter when people call with a rodent problem is misdiagnosis. They hear banging, thumping, or scampering in the ceiling and assume a raccoon or squirrel when in reality it is a fat mouse. “There is no way a mouse could be making the noise I am hearing,” they say. How big can mice get? Well, as you can see from the picture above, mice can get pretty darn big. This one was removed from a customer’s garage. A standard house mouse (Mus musculus) will be about three inches in length and fairly thin. However, a well fed mouse who has had…

dead mouse on red glove
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Truth About Rodent Droppings in Human Food

I first heard about this years ago when I was working as a loader for a bread company down in Detroit. The premise was that, since modern food processing happens on such a large scale, with factories sometimes processing thousands of pounds of rice, cereal, etc. per day, it is simply not possible to prevent all contact between rodents and insects. Food processing companies can take efforts to reduce overall or general pest contact with foods, by maintaining Intergrated Pest Management programs, keeping buildings properly sealed, using fly lights, etc., but it is not possible to ensure that no fly will ever land on a piece of food or that no single rodent will ever get into, say, a ten ton vat of rice. Therefore, it was said, the government has certain levels of contamination that it allows in our food simply because it cannot be prevented. Rodent hair, insect…

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Mice Ground a Plane

It is early autumn, the time when weather starts to turn cold at night and rodents seek for warmer habitats – usually the basement or attic of some unsuspecting homeowner! While an increase in rodent activity in the Fall is common, a rodent infestation on an airplane is not, let alone having mice ground a plane. Yet this is exactly what was reported by the Asian Nepal Airlines this week. Airline officials say flight attendants spotted a mouse in the pantry of a Boeing 757, prompting Nepal Airlines to cancel a Bangkok-bound flight, evacuate passengers and tow the jet to a hanger to hunt for the rodent. Airline spokesman Raju K.C. says the mouse is believed to have boarded the plane at the Katmandu airport Monday through a food catering truck (if the mouse came from a catering truck, it would be helpful for locals to know which catering company…

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