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“I hear something in my attic!”

“I hear something in my attic. I think there is an animals living up there.” This is a common call we get here at Creature Control. It is not difficult to tell you have an animal in the home, but it can be difficult to identify what sort of animal it is. The following noise identification chart will help you identify your pest! Do you hear it at night or during the day? If during the day, then it is almost certainly a squirrel. Squirrels are the only animals that get into attics that are typically active during the day. although birds can do so as well. The one exception is the nocturnal flying squirrel. If you hear it at night primarily, it is either mice, raccoons, bats or (in some cases) a flying squirrel. If during the day, do you hear running around and “rolling” sounds? Squirrels will often…

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