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DIY Skunk Trapping

Skunks are some of the most obnoxious of all nuisance wildlife to have to deal with. Besides being notoriously smelly and ruining the day of many over curious dogs, skunks also destroy lawns by their persistent grubbing. Faced with a prowling skunk, many homeowners decide to try trapping the animal themselves. This article will give you some practical do-it-yourself advice to help you be prepared before you start trapping. Learn more about the behavior and biology of skunks! 1. Identifying the Skunk Den Your chances of trapping a skunk increase dramatically if you can identify the den. Skunks can range a mile or so when feeding at night, so its important to try to determine whether the skunk actually lives in your yard or is just roaming through from somewhere else. Skunks are not picky about dens. Woodpiles, hollow logs, under decks, in brush, or the empty dens of other animals…

DIY Skunk trap
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What is a Rat Wall?

Who doesn’t love a summer barbecue with friends out on the deck or patio? As it turns out, humans aren’t the only creatures who like to hang around the deck! Decks, patios, sheds and other external structures provide ideal locations for animal dens. Animals such as groundhogs, skunks, opossums and raccoons like to burrow beneath these structures because the structures provide them with a secure overhead support for their dens. The challenge with decks It is easy enough to trap and remove a raccoon or groundhog living beneath a deck, but how do you stop other animals from returning? This is a particularly challenging problem, since each animal leaves behind a pheromone scent. The scent remains even after an animal is removed; this pheromone scent will attract other animals. This means that a deck or patio that has once had an animal living under it is more prone to future…

Rat Wall
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Skunks as Pets

My wife and I recently discussed the possibility of getting a pet skunk. It was an amazingly quick discussion – we went from curiosity, to enthusiasm, to concern, to dropping the whole idea in the matter of a single day. Not to say that having a skunk for a pet is a bad idea for everyone; some of you out there might get on perfectly well with a pet skunk. They certainly are cute and can be very affectionate; they are also unique – not many people have skunks as pets! But while researching the pros and cons of skunk ownership, we found out a lot of information that I’d like to pass on here so you can make an informed decision before deciding to adopt a skunk. Do skunks make good pets? The answer depends upon what you are willing to put up with and how involved you want…

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Rabid Skunk Bites Maryland Woman

It has now been confirmed that a skunk that bit a woman in St. Mary’s County Maryland this week was indeed rabid. The rabid skunk had wandered into a restaurant and bit a woman in the foot. How a skunk could wander into a restaurant without anyone knowing – and how it could get close enough to bite a woman on the foot – are beyond me. We understand that this is the sixth case of a rabid skunk found in St. Mary’s County this year. Rabies, traditionally associated with bats, is becoming more and more prevalent in skunks. Six rabid skunks found in a county in a single year is a serious matter. In general, cases of rabies have been on the rise in many counties across the country. Ann Arbor had three rabid bats last year; rabid foxes were found in Howell and Whitmore Lake last summer; cases…

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Chicago Skunks Out of Control

If you are going to the greater Chicago area anytime soon, there is a great likelihood that you might have a run in with a skunk. According to Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the state’s skunk population is out of control. From 2009 to 2010, Illinois’ skunk population has increased by 46% (this number is arrived at by making estimates based on the number of skunk roadkill). It’s too soon to tell the rate of increase for 2010-2011, but it will most likely be even higher. One local animal control company says that they have trapped 687 skunks this year already, 200 more than the total for 2010. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says that 8,700 skunks have been trapped by wildlife control companies in 2011. Why are there so many skunks in Illinois? Two reasons are put forward. First, the skunk has no natural predators, other than the…

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