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Woman Flips Car When Spider Drops from Mirror

People probably fear spiders more than any insect or pest. I guess it’s no wonder; nobody likes the idea of an eight-legged, furry creature with venomous fangs and multiple eyeballs lurking around the house seeking to suck the blood of its prey. Yes, most spiders’ venom is not harmful to humans, and spiders are actually very beneficial to have around – but still, a lot of otherwise rational people get seriously freaked out and lose it when a spider comes creeping around.

A fairly radical example of this is a woman from Oregon who flipped her whole car upon seeing a spider descend from the rearview mirror. FOX 13 out of Portland, Oregon reports:

Most people don’t love spiders. Even more probably don’t like to have a spider crawling on them. A driver in Oregon definitely was not happy when a spider apparently dropped from her car’s rearview mirror while she drove through the Bonny Slope area Wednesday. The Washington County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office said the woman lost control of her car when it happened and she, the spider and the car flipped over on the side of the road. Thankfully, the woman was not badly injured.

We have no information on whether or not the spider survived the crash. Hopefully it scuttled away and is not still lurking in her car somewhere.

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