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Filing Insurance Claims and Restoring Damage & Mold Caused by Wildlife

When nuisance wildlife has taken over part of your home or business, there is bound to be damage, whether it's roofing or chimney problems, structural damage, or discovered mold issues. Creature Control has a restoration crew with years of experience and is certified by the IICRC offering professional mold mitigation services. We also frequently work with homeowners in filing insurance claims for animal damage and clean up. Our techs can help you understand your policy and whether your loss is covered. Additionally, Creature Control is licensed and insured with a team of builders who are qualified to repair any pest damage done to the structure.

Choose a reputable and experienced company like Creature Control; don't use a handyman who might not know what to look for in wildlife exclusion or another wildlife company that is not licensed and insured. Creature Control has the tools and the know-how to handle any mold problem or wildlife cleanup and damage repair jobs.

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Will My Homeowner's Insurance Policy Cover Animal Damage?

Wildlife damage can lead to significant property loss. Raccoons and bats can destroy an attic with their urine and feces, and many people do not realize that they may be insured for these types of losses. The technicians at Creature Control are experts in all aspects of wildlife cleanup and damage restoration, including guiding you through the often-dizzying process of filing an insurance claim for animal damage. We have helped countless customers get educated about the details of their insurance policies, make recommendations on whether their loss merits a claim, and understand and navigate the claims process. We obviously cannot provide legal advice, but our team is trained and familiar with the insurance restoration industry and can provide you with the information you need to understand your policy and whether your loss is covered. Call Creature Control today for assistance in filing insurance claims – so you can recover from losses caused by animal damage.

Creature Control: Licensed & Insured Builders and Michigan Law

Recent changes in Michigan law stipulate that a person or company performing more than $600 worth of repairs to a home must either be a licensed builder or hold a license to perform maintenance and alterations. When this was adopted, the writers of the regulation did not have nuisance wildlife repairs in mind. Hence, there is some gray area in the law as to whether wildlife control operators performing, say, a $700 bat exclusion and repair job come under the Michigan regulation or not. Because of this gray area of the law, homeowners hiring wildlife controllers who are performing wildlife repairs without building permits are taking a considerable amount of liability.

Even though the state has not clarified whether these regulations apply to wildlife control operators, Creature Control goes above and beyond. We are licensed builders, so that you can have peace of mind. We also have the proper insurance, training, and experience to look at your home from the vantage point of wildlife exclusion. A roofer or handyman, no matter how skilled, is not trained to look for potential animal entry points. Creature Control is. We can provide all building repairs necessary for an animal damage cleanup and restoration job.

Mold Mitigation Professionals

While removing nuisance wildlife, we often notice mold problems in attics, crawlspaces, and other areas. The presence of mold indicates a moisture problem and there are a variety of reasons why a home or business may have mold issues. The most common cause of mold is high humidity due to poor ventilation. Besides negatively affecting the resale value of your home and its ability to pass an inspection, the presence of certain kinds of mold at particular thresholds can constitute a health hazard.

Creature Control's professional technicians can employ a variety of techniques to eliminate mold, including soda blasting, commercial peroxide treatments, anti-microbial agents, and good old-fashioned hand scrubbing. We do our work in a negative airflow environment with HEPA filtration to ensure that mold spores are not disbursed into the home's air system but ejected outdoors. Creature Control also employs the services of professional industrial hygienists to test mold levels in the home, before and after remediation, to confirm that the mold levels have been sufficiently reduced.

Any quality mold remediation requires not only that mold is mitigated, but that the underlying moisture problems are addressed to prevent the mold from returning. Our restoration crew can fix most ventilation problems, including replacing ridge vents, removing and replacing roofing material, installing soffit vents, gable venting, and much more. Creature Control has years of experience in mold abatement and is IICRC certified for mold remediation. In addition, our crew can also restore damage caused by smoke, fire, water, and odors. Whether you have had an animal problem or not, if you suspect you may have a mold issue, let Creature Control's restoration crew help you get your home mold-free.