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Providing Animal & Pest Control for Realtors, Businesses, and Municipalities

Creature Control services over 25 counties throughout Michigan. Our premier pest and wildlife control company works with a variety of residential, commercial, and municipal customers. We service everything from homes to businesses, offices to restaurants, and apartments to condos. Our technicians regularly work with property management companies, realtors, and governmental agencies to solve nuisance wildlife issues facing the community. No matter what the problem is or where it occurs, our team of trained technicians can handle it! Click here to see if we service your area.

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Creature Control Help for Realtors

It often happens that pest and wildlife control issues come up in the middle of a real estate transaction. Sometimes during a home inspection, prior to closing, an unknown wildlife or insect problem can be revealed, such as a carpenter ant colony nesting within the home or ongoing mouse problems. Solving these issues can be tricky, due to the dynamics of a buyer-seller relationship, timing constraints imposed by the terms of closing, and the involvement of the realtor as an intermediary. In these situations, it is important to have the assistance of a professional wildlife control company who can assess the situation, help all parties understand the details of the treatment, and develop a solution that satisfies all those involved. Sometimes this means beginning a job under the seller and finishing it with the buyer, working out complex billing arrangements, and making sure all parties are on the same page. For experienced and efficient wildlife control, call Creature Control, who can help you close the deal.

Pest Control for Property Management Companies

Creature Control has years of experience working with property management companies. Whether you have a small job (single unit) or large (an entire condo building), our expert technicians can handle it. We provide quality, prompt service to landlords and property managers through our 24-hour answering and emergency services, provide quick responses to inquiries, offer online work orders with a streamlined email billing process, and best of all, no contracts required! If you are a property manager and would like to discuss your property's wildlife or pest control problem, give our experts a call today so we can help you better manage your community.

Wildlife Animal Control for Small Businesses

Our solution for small businesses is - No Sales Pitch and No Contracts. Just prompt, efficient animal and pest control service so you can get back to running your business. Creature Control understands the challenges small businesses face and we will work with you to give you the best value for your money. We strive to provide efficient customer service and give you just what you need, nothing more. Let Creature Control earn your business so you can get back to running yours!

Nuisance Wildlife Control for Municipal Governments

Municipal governments charged with providing a range of services and infrastructure may find themselves dealing with unwanted wildlife problems. Creature Control can help your township or city with its nuisance wildlife needs offering plans such as municipal rodent management programs, raccoon control at dumpster enclosures, insect-pest control and Integrated Pest Management programs, or simply knocking down a hornets' nests outside City Hall. Creature Control uses flexible service arrangements for your needs. We can structure contractual arrangements for ongoing issues or provide one-time treatments when needed. Our online work order and invoicing system make keeping track of jobs a breeze, and our 24-hour answering and emergency service ensures unexpected problems get prompt attention. Give us a call to further answer any questions you may have regarding your municipal wildlife control needs.