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Restoring and Preventing Animal Damage

Creature Control understands that your wildlife problem may not necessarily end when the animal or infestation is removed from your home or business. Pests and animals can cause significant damage to your property, sometimes to such a degree that substantial repairs are necessary. Creature Control may help remediate and restore any breaches caused by wildlife activity.

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Removal of Contaminated Insulation & Installation of New

Insulation is necessary to keep our homes warm, but it also provides a cozy habitat for certain animals to nest in. Mice, raccoons, red squirrels, and bats all destroy insulation. While sometimes the insulation damage is from gnawing or tearing, in most cases insulation is damaged by an animal’s excretions. An accumulation of urine and feces can destroy the insulation fibers and even soak the underlying wood or drywall. This reduces the efficacy of the insulation and creates a health hazard. Creature Control’s restoration crews can remove the damaged insulation and replace it with new insulation, ensuring that your home remains energy efficient and contaminant free.

Damaged Siding & Flashing Repairs

Animals are strong and persistent. By finding any weak spots within your home’s siding or flashing raccoons or squirrels can pry it off or gnaw through it. Loose siding or unflashed areas serve as entry points for mice and bats as well. Leaving your home unrepaired will invite the continuation of further invasions and increase your risks for contamination and costs to fix. Creature Control’s crew has the experience and knowledge to find entry points, seal them off, and replace and install new flashing or secure loose siding.

Animal Damage Chimney Repairs

Chimney maintenance is an important task in keeping your wood-stoves and fireplaces in safe working order. An old or improperly sealed chimney can invite all kinds of critters who find them an irresistible and convenient structure to nest in, especially if it hasn’t been used for a while. Birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and opossums can enter the home through the chimney or openings where the chimney chase joins the roof. Never try to remove animals from the chimney yourself as they can become very aggressive in protecting their young. Creature Control can remove all critters and our team of experts can measure and install chimney caps, crown seals, and a variety of other chimney repairs. We’ll make recommendations for more intensive chimney construction repairs.

Animal Damage: Repairs to Your Structure

Roofs are a common entry point for bats, raccoons, and squirrels. Raccoons can tear off shingles, squirrels may gnaw holes in your soffit, and bats may come in through ridge vents furthering damaging your structure with guano and urine. These entry points then create another issue: water damage and mold growth. Some animal damage may be minor in scope but can quickly grow into a major rehabilitation project if left unrepaired. Creature Control can handle most structural repairs related to wildlife damage, including removing and replacing sheathing, underlayment, shingles, gutters and soffits, and vents.

Maintaining & Restoring Air Quality

An accumulation of bat guano or raccoon urine and feces in the attic can have detrimental effects to the air quality in your home. Bat droppings contain a fungal spore (histoplasma) which can cause lung and central nervous issues called Histoplasmosis. Raccoon droppings can host a dangerous nematode (roundworm) called Leptospirosis. While wearing protective masks and clothing, professional animal control specialists still face significant challenges in attic clean-ups; one being keeping the attic air contained so that the remainder of the home is not contaminated. This is essential during the remediation process as the fungi spores and other bacteria may become airborne. Creature Control utilizes a negative air system (or a negative air containment system) which ensures 5 to 6 air exchanges per hour in the work area with fresh, filtered air. Our negative airflow containment system ensures that your attic remediation can occur with minimum hazards to you and your family.