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Creature Control partners with the Bat Association of MSU

Creature Control has teamed up with the Bat Association of MSU in a collaborative effort to conserve bats and come to the aid of less fortunate struggling families in the Local Lansing Community while performing valuable research on Michigan bat populations.

“The Bat Association of MSU is proud to announce a new partnership with Michigan’s premiere bat exclusion company, Creature Control, LLC. As one of the largest agricultural schools in the country, Michigan State University is the perfect space to organize for the research and conservation of a species that saves U.S. Agriculture upwards of 27 billion dollars annually. As an organization that supports One Health, we appreciate the important role that exclusions play in reducing the contact between wildlife species and the public. Understanding the natural history of the species that contribute to the complex ecology of Michigan is central to performing these exclusions in a way that protects both humans and bats alike. We look forward to working together with state bat exclusion experts at Creature Control to further our understanding and conserve these amazing animals.” ~Peter Fowler, Bat Association of MSU

For more information on the Bat Association of MSU, you can visit their website here. To support their good work with a tax deductible contribution, you can make a donation here.

We will have more details about this important partnership as it develops!

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