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Creature Control Rescues 20 Baby Snapping Turtles

Turtle-4Who hasn’t been moved  by the sight of a turtle plodding slowly across the road, patiently following its course but oblivious to the danger all around it?

Now imagine twenty baby turtles clambering over a grassy yard in danger, not from cars, but from the lawn mower. This was the situation that faced Creature Control technician Dave Mullins when he showed up for a routine bait station restock in Okemos.

As Dave went about his work restocking bait stations, he noticed a baby turtle crossing the customer’s driveway. The customer was out mowing her lawn – and the baby turtle was heading right for the mower!

Dave scooped up the baby turtle, but upon closer inspection noticed that the grass and mulch along the driveway was alive with movement. He started digging around and found not one or two but a total of twenty baby turtles all making their way through the grass, heading straight towards the lawn mower.

Dave flagged down the customer and had her shut down the lawn mower. He showed her the baby turtles and spent some time collecting them all. The customer brought a tub out for Dave to keep all the turtles in. She was delighted that Dave had noticed them and removed from the yard, saving them from inevitable doom had they continued on towards the mower.


After posing for some pics with the little family, Dave relocated the turtles to the Harris Nature Center in Meridian Township, which has a lot of great acreage along the Red Cedar River perfect for these little snappers.

All our technicians are trained in the trapping and removal of adult snappers, as well. If you have an adult snapping turtle that is a nuisance in your pond or stream and would like it live trapped and relocated, contact us for a consultation – or click here to read up on snapping turtle biology and habits.

Relocating baby snappers


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Donna F., Ann Arbor, MI.