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Meet the Root Weevil

Root Weevil

Have you found any of these crawling around your house recently?

This is the root weevil. Weevils are a type of beetle; the root weevil – also known as a strawberry weevil – is common to much of Canada and the northern United States. They are black and about 1/4 inch long. They can easily be mistaken for ticks, but they can be distinguished from ticks by their three body segments (ticks only have two), and their long antennae (ticks do not have any).

Root weevils are usually not much of a nuisance, but they tend to show up in hot, dry summers, like the one we are currently in (2016). In nature, they are drawn to strawberry plants, rhododendron, raspberry, clover, and any number of common nursery or garden plants. They usually do not get into homes, save when it gets very dry and hot; they seem to be attracted by the cooler air in the home. They may come in only a few at a time, or you may suddenly find yourself inundated by hundreds of them.

What should you do if you are seeing root weevils in the home? It depends upon how many you are seeing. If you are only finding a few here and there, just sweep vacuum them up. If you are seeing large numbers of weevils, however, you might want to consider a pesticide treatment. A perimeter spray with a product such as permethrin or bifenthrin can be very effective at keeping them out of the home. You will probably need to hire a professional for such treatments though; over-the-counter products are not going to be as effective.

Creature Control’s technicians have experience treating root weevils; we’ve been doing quite a bit of it this summer! If you need a perimeter spray or any other insect control services, click here to contact us, or else call at 800-441-1519.

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