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Pest Control

Professional Pest Control Services
in Michigan

Are you worried you have creepy crawlers taking refuge in your home or business? Creature Control provides the latest in pest extermination services. We use Integrated Pest Management—a set of strategies designed to work with pest lifecycles and habits—to rid your property of bugs and keep them from returning. We offer no-contract pest control services and advanced remediation techniques to address your immediate needs. Contact our team of experts today for fast, professional bug extermination or removal.

Our Tactics Against Pests


Our skilled wildlife control technicians can inspect the entirety of your home to locate nests, points of entry, and causes of the infestation.

Home Treatment

Our technicians will determine the safest and most effective way to rid your home of pests based on your specific circumstances.


After the invader has been removed from the home, we will use various methods to fortify your home against returning pests.

Schedule with Us to Handle Pest Problems

The professionals at Creature Control are dedicated to ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your home. Don’t wait to schedule service if you suspect you have a pest issue. Our staff has years of knowledge and experience in all kinds of wildlife control.