Custom Bat Houses

Creature Control specializes in the removal of bats from structures. However, just because a homeowner might want bats out of the attic does not mean they want them out of the area. Bats are a very beneficial creature to have around, helping the ecosystem by keeping the insect population in check. For example, a single bat may eat 6,000 to 8,000 small insects per night. This is an astounding number; this means that over the course of three summer months, a colony of a dozen bats can eat 7.5 million mosquitoes. Not a bad perk for keeping a few bats around, eh?

Usually, when people want to keep bats in the vicinity, they will erect a bat house. A bat house is a structure specifically designed to provide shelter for bats. They can be mounted on poles or attached to trees or other structures, just like bird houses. Putting bat houses on your property is a way to encourage bats to stay in the area so property owners can continue to reap the benefits of having a bat colony on hand.

Creature Control is now offering the installation of bat houses for customers who have had bat evictions and want to encourage bats to remain on their property. All our bat houses are handmade locally by  woodworker Brian Holloway of Holloway Woodworks, located in Gregory, Michigan. Brian is a woodworker with over 40 years experience and makes custom, quality bat houses. If you are having Creature Control do a bat eviction, our technician can talk to you about getting one of Holloway Woodworks’ custom bat houses installed on your property.

Please note, however, if you have bats in your house, you cannot get a bat house in lieu of an eviction. If bats are already living in your nice, warm, cozy attic, they are not going to voluntarily give that up to go move into a bat house. Putting bat houses on your property will not get rid of an existing bat problem in the home. If you have bats in the attic, you need an eviction.

Nor do you want to install a bat house if you are not fairly certain your home is already sealed against all possible bat entry, otherwise the bats will begin at the bat house but eventually probe around the roof until they find a way into your attic.

For more information on bats and Creature Control’s bat eviction services, please check out our bat page!