Michigan animal removal and pest control in Auburn Hills


Creature Control is a family owned, locally operated wildlife control and pest control business servicing Auburn Hills, Lake Angelus, Rochester and most of Oakland County, Michigan. Founded in 2006 outside Ann Arbor, Creature Control has expanded to service 15 counties in Michigan. Creature Control is Oakland County’s premier pest and wildlife control company. From the birds to the bees, all animals, all insects, guaranteed.

Professional Animal Removal for Auburn Hills

Animal removal is the heart of Creature Control. Raccoons, bats in the attic, mice in the basement, birds, groundhogs digging in the yard…if it moves, we can trap it or exclude it. Each region has its own unique nuisance wildlife problems. Calls for squirrels in Auburn Hills are quite common, as well as requests for bat evictions. To learn more about Michigan’s common nuisance wildlife, please visit Creature Control’s animal species pages.

Auburn Hills Pest Control

Creature Control also provides quality, efficient pest control services for Auburn Hills. Carpenter ant treatments, bed bug inspections and bed bug treatments, perimeter sprays for spiders, earwigs and other occasional invaders, knocking down hornet nests, spraying yellow jackets – whatever the nature of your insect-pest problem, Creature Control is Auburn Hills’ first choice for professional pest control services at competitive pricing. Check out our insect-pest species pages for great information on Michigan’s common nuisance insects.

Creature Control Related Services

Creature Control understands that a wildlife problem does not always end with the removal of the animal. Often times the animal leaves feces or damage in its path that need to be remediated. Creature Control offers a variety of related services to help you repair your property and restore your peace of mind. Removal of feces and urine from bats and raccoons, repairs to roofs and siding, removal and replacement of damaged insulation, and even recommendations for filing insurance claims relating to animal damage. More information for our related services in Auburn Hills is available here.

For all your wildlife and insect needs in Auburn Hills, Creature Control is your one-stop-shop. Please click here to contact us via email, or else give us a call at 248-306-9039