Michigan animal removal and pest control in Brighton


Brighton is a beautiful town! The scenic Millpond and Tridge boardwalk; the exquisite downtown shopping and dining; the historic neighborhoods. Yes, Brighton is a lovely place – but not just for humans! Raccoons, bats, birds, skunks, rodents and millions of insects all share Brighton’s beauty with its human residents. While usually we don’t notice these critters, problems can arise when an animal decides to make your home its home.

When that happens, Creature Control is your one-stop-shop for all your pest and wildlife control needs! Creature Control is a family owned and locally operated full service wildlife removal and pest control company servicing Brighton, MI. and all of Livingston County. We provide professionalism and peace of mind with a small-town, local touch. We can handle any problem. All animals. All insects. Guaranteed.

Brighton Animal Removal

Creature Control has years of experience providing quality wildlife removal and animal removal in Brighton. Common animal removal calls in Brighton are: bat control and bat removal, groundhog trapping, eviction of raccoons from attics, skunk control, mouse control and rodent control, bird exclusion, and much more. Bat control in Brighton? Seriously. We trap anything. Foxes? We’ve done that. Muskrats in your retention pond? We can handle that. Snapping turtles? Not easy, but yep, we’ve trapped them. Visit our awesome animal species pages to learn more about Michigan’s nuisance wildlife and our animal removal services in Brighton – and call Creature Control’s experts for all your wildlife removal needs!

Brighton Pest Control

Besides providing animal control in Brighton, we also provide efficient and professional pest control services in Brighton. All our technicians are trained in pest control as well as wildlife control. Some of the pest control services we provide for Brighton are: bed bug inspection and bed bug treatments, spider treatments, ant control, including inspecting and exterminating carpenter ants, removal of honey bees, treatment and removal of hornets’ nests and yellow-jacket hives, as well as general perimeter treatments and four seasons treatments for earwigs, centipedes, lady bugs and other occasional invaders. Please visit our insect pages for more great articles on Michigan’s nuisance insects!

Related Services

Creature Control also provides a host of related services for wildlife exclusion improvements to your home and property. Examples of services we provide are chimney cap estimates and installation, general seals of the foundation to keep out rodents, rat walls that prevent animals from burrowing under decks, removal and replacement of insulation damaged by animal urine and feces,  repairing roofs damaged by animal entry, installation of bird guards and vent guards, and much more. Please visit Creature Control’s related services page to learn more about the services we offer in Brighton. We are licensed builders and can handle all your maintenance needs.

Why Shop Local?

Obviously using local goods and services keeps money in the community, but it also provides you with better service. This is especially the case with pest control and animal removal, where knowledge of local ecosystems is essential to successful treatments. For example, the Brighton Mill Pond and marshes around town harbor millions of insects. These insects are fed on by bats, meaning Brighton can sustain rather large urban bat colonies. These bats find their way into your attic, going out at night to feed. Creature Control technicians know Brighton intimately (we even removed a wild African goose from the Mill Pond once); we know when we inspect a house to keep an eye out for signs of bat entry. What a resident might think is a squirrel or mouse may be a bat, and we keep that in mind when inspecting because we know the local ecosystem. A national franchise might not have this connection or understanding with the local environment.

Contact Creature Control today to speak to someone about your issue, or visit our tips page for do-it-yourself recommendations!

Creature Control services all of Livingston County, including Howell, Pinckney, Hamburg, Whitmore Lake, Fowlerville, Cohoctah, Byron, and Gregory.