Michigan animal removal and pest control in Canton

Downtown Canton-Plymouth, MI. ~Creature Control

Creature Control is a full service animal removal and pest control company servicing Canton, Plymouth and western Wayne county. We are family owned and locally operated. Founded by two brothers in Washtenaw County in 2006, we now service 16 counties in Michigan. We provide the experience of a small, family owned company with professionalism, integrity, and efficiency. Creature Control is Canton-Plymouth’s one-stop-shop for all your nuisance wildlife needs. All animals. All insects. Guaranteed.

Canton Animal Removal

Wildlife trapping and animal removal is the heart of our business. Our technicians are not only trained at wildlife control, but they are avid hunters and trappers in their private life as well. Some of the animal control services we provide are: bat inspections and bat removal, raccoon trapping, squirrel trapping and squirrel removal, groundhog trapping, bird exclusion, skunk trapping, and much more. If it moves, we can trap it. Please visit our animal control page for more information on Michigan’s nuisance wildlife.

Canton Pest Control

Besides professional and humane animal removal and wildlife control, Creature Control technicians can also handle all manner of pest control issues. Some of the pest control problems we deal with are: bed bug inspections and bed bug treatments, carpenter ant treatment, yellow-jacket treatment and yellow-jacket removal, hornet nest removal, ant treatments, general pest control sprays for control of spiders, earwigs, centipedes and other occasional invaders, as well as honey bee extraction and removal. Please visit our pest control page for more information on Michigan’s nuisance insect pests.

Creature Control Related Services

Besides animal removal and pest control, Creature Control also provides services relating to excluding animals from the home as well as restoring property damaged by animals. Some examples of the related services Creature Control provides for the Plymouth-Canton area are: quoting and installing rat walls, chimney caps, bird and vent guards, wood destroying insect inspections, removal and restoration of insulation damaged by animal urine and feces, recommendations on filing insurance claims for animal damage, and much more. We are licensed and insured residential builders, so we are capable of handling any home repairs that may be needed. Please visit our related services page for more information.

Benefits of Using a Local Service

Creature Control is based out of Washtenaw County. We have been servicing the greater Ann Arbor area, as well as Canton, Plymouth and parts of Wayne County, for many years. Obviously using a local service keeps money local, which is a good thing. But there is also a professional benefit to going local. A company with lots of local experience has a better understanding of the ecosystem than an out-of-state call service. For example, the city of Plymouth has a historic downtown area with lots of large, old buildings prone to bat infestations. Consequently, calls for bat removal in Plymouth are common, and our technicians know when they go into certain neighborhoods to keep their eyes open for signs of bat entry. Likewise, Canton is a dense urban center, with lots of commercial buildings as well as nice residential neighborhoods. In any setting like that, you are bound to get a lot of raccoon activity. Raccoons thrive in areas with dense commercial and residential activity, and we get a ton of calls for raccoons in the attic in Canton.

The point is, you want a company who actually knows what Canton and Plymouth are like, with their unique ecosystems. You don’t want somebody to whom Canton, MI. is just a name on a map.

Shop local. Use Creature Control! Click here to contact a wildlife control professional for a free phone consultation.