Michigan animal removal and pest control in Chelsea

Downtown Chelsea


Creature Control is a full service pest control and wildlife removal company servicing Chelsea, MI. and the greater Washtenaw County area. Founded by two brothers outside Ann Arbor, Creature Control now services most of southeast Michigan, including Chelsea, Dexter, and the surrounding areas. We are still family owned and locally operated, giving you experienced, professional service from technicians who know the local ecosystem. We are your one-stop-shop for all your nuisance wildlife needs. All animals. All insects. Guaranteed.

Chelsea Animal Removal

Animal removal is the trapping, removal or exclusion of unwanted animals. Some of the common animal removal services we provide for Chelsea are bat removal and bat exclusion, mouse control, groundhog trapping, raccoon trapping, skunk control, mole control and much more. If you are dealing with signs of an unwanted animal in your home or property – droppings in the basement or attic, scratching in the wall, strange smells – then call Creature Control for a phone consultation or visit our animal species pages for great information on Michigan’s nuisance wildlife and our animal removal services in Chelsea.

Chelsea Pest Control

Creature Control also provides pest control services in Chelsea, MI. All of our wildlife control technicians are also licensed pesticide applicators with experience dealing with a variety of insect problems. Some of the pest control services we provide are bed bug inspections and bed bug treatments, yellow-jacket hive spraying and removal, removal of hornet nests, spider treatments, honey bee removal, treatment for ants – including carpenter ants, as well as perimeter and four seasons treatments for such occasional invaders as earwigs, centipedes, lady bugs and more. Visit our awesome insect pages for more information on Michigan’s nuisance insects and our pest control services in Chelsea.

Related Services

Nuisance wildlife can damage your home and property. It is often necessary to repair damage caused by nuisance wildlife or to do preventative maintenance to stop future intrusions. Some of the wildlife related services Creature Control offers are removal and replacement of attic insulation damaged by animal feces and urine, installation of rat walls, estimates and installation of chimney caps and vent guards, restoration of areas damaged by wildlife entry, and much more. Please visit our related services page for more information.

Benefits of Using a Local Business

Creature Control was founded in Washtenaw County and continues to a lot of business here out of our office in Lyndon Township. Obviously, using a local company keeps money in the community, which everybody supports. Using a local company also ensures you get technicians with knowledge of the local ecosystem. Many wildlife control advertisements will redirect you to national call centers that could be located anywhere in the country. These people don’t have a great knowledge of the local ecosystem. Why not use a local company whose technicians have years of experience, not only working in southeast Michigan, but hunting and trapping recreationally? There’s really no substitute for a good, local company in this field.

Contact Creature Control today for a phone consultation so we can help you solve your wildlife problem.

Creature Control also services all of Washtenaw County, including Dexter, Ypsilanti, Saline, Ann Arbor, Manchester, Milan, Lyndon Township, Willow Run, Dixboro, Salem, Willis, and Lima.