Michigan animal removal and pest control in East Lansing


Creature Control is a family owned, locally operated wildlife and pest control company servicing East Lansing, Lansing, and all of Ingham County. All animals, all insects. Guaranteed! We are East Lansing’s premier pest control and wildlife removal service.

East Lansing Animal Removal

We provide professional and prompt animal removal services to get unwanted critters out of your home and property. Animal removal typically consists of live trapping. services, such as removing squirrels from the attic, skunk trapping, and groundhog trapping are common requests, but we also offer mole control services, bird control, and of course, bat exclusion, for those times when you get bats in the attic and need a professional bat eviction. Raccoon removal in East Lansing is a very common request due to the prevalence of older buildings in parts of East Lansing, as are requests for bat removal in East Lansing. Please visit our animal pages for more information on the nuisance wildlife common to Michigan and Creature Control’s wildlife control services in East Lansing.

East Lansing Pest Control

Creature Control also provides a variety of pest control services for the East Lansing area: bed bug treatments, carpenter ants and other ant treatments, hornet nest removal, yellow-jacket removal, carpenter bee treatments, cock roaches, spiders, earwigs and more! We offer professional East Lansing pest control services with no hassle and no contracts! Please visit our pest control page for more information on Michigan’s nuisance insects and our pest control services in East Lansing.

Related Services

Sometimes animal and insect infestations can do lasting damage to your home. For this reason, Creature Control not only specializes in animal removal and pest control in East Lansing, but also in all services relating to nuisance wildlife prevention and damage restoration. This means simple things like installing chimney caps and bird vent guards, but also more involved work like removal and replacement of attic insulation damaged by animal urine and feces and roof and foundation work to seal up animal entry points. Please see our related services page for more details on the host of other services Creature Control offers in East Lansing.

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