Michigan animal removal and pest control in Fennville


Creature Control is a family owned and locally operated wildlife removal and pest control company, servicing Fennville, Saugatuck, and most of Allegan County.

Fennville Animal Removal

Animal removal/wildlife control is the trapping, eviction, or exclusion of nuisance mammals or birds (and sometimes reptiles). Some of the most common animal removal services we provide are: raccoon trapping and raccoon removal, bird exclusion, groundhog trapping, mouse control/mouse extermination, mole control, and squirrel trapping; we also gets lots of calls for bat removal in Fennville, as Hutchins Lake provides harborage for the insects that bats feed on. For more information

Fennville Pest Control

Pest Control is the management of unwanted insect-pests. Our pest control services in Fennville include: bed bug treatments, sprays for ants, spiders and other occasional invaders; extermination of yellow jackets and hornets, honey bee extraction, preventative treatments to deter insect activity and much more. For about our services for pest control in Fennville, or to learn more about Michigan’s nuisance insects, please visit our insect species pages here.

Related Services

Creature Control also provides a host of related services relating to wildlife removal. Some of these services include attic clean-outs for insulation damaged by animal droppings, wood destroying insect inspections, information on filing insurance claims for animal damage, restoring property damaged by animals, and much more. For more information on Creature Control’s related services in Fennville, please visit our related services page.

Other areas we service in Allegan County include Allegan, Dorr, Douglas, Fillmore, Hamilton, Hopkins, Lee,Martin, Moline, Otsego, Plainwell, Saugatuck, Shelbyville, Watson, and Wayland.

Contact Creature control at 269-200-4844 or click here to contact us via email.