Michigan animal removal and pest control in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids is a city full of life. From the thriving college scene to its many burgeoning businesses. It is also a city full of animal life as well. Creature Control is a family owned and locally operated pest and wildlife control company that specializes in humane animal removal services in Grand Rapids and the greater Kent County area. We also provide comprehensive pest control services in Grand Rapids. All animals. All insects. Guaranteed.

Grand Rapids Animal Removal

Creature Control is a full service wildlife control and animal removal company in Grand Rapids. We handle all manner of nuisance animal problems: raccoon trapping and removal, squirrel trapping, bat inspections and bat removal, and trapping of other nuisance mammals such as opossums, skunks, and groundhogs. We also offer effective mouse control programs, including extermination of mice, rodent prevention, and general seals to keep mice from reentering structures. Make Creature Control your go-to, local company for animal removal services in Grand Rapids! And remember to visit our animal pages for detailed articles on Michigan’s common nuisance wildlife.

Grand Rapids Pest Control

We also offer a wide range of service for pest control in Grand Rapids: carpenter ant treatments, yellow jacket removal, bed bug treatments, cock roach treatments, carpenter bees, and wasp and hornet removal. We also do preventative pesticide treatments for such occasional invaders as spiders, earwigs, centipedes and more. If it crawls, we can take care of it! Creature Control is your one-stop shop for pest control services in Grand Rapids. Please visit our pest control pages for more details on some of Michigan’s common nuisance pests.

Related Services

We don’t stop with animal and pest control. Creature Control also provides a host of related services to help protect your home and property from unwanted critter invasions! Some of the related services we offer are: rat walls, installation of chimney caps, roof and ridge vent replacement, restoration of attics damaged by feces and urine, recommendations for filing animal related insurance claims, odor control, mold remediation and much more. Please visit our related services page for more information.

Benefits of using a local company

The pest and wildlife control industries are dominated by very large national franchises and national call centers. Besides charging higher fees, these services often provide inferior service. It is best to use a local company that can give your home or property the time consideration needed to effectively solve your nuisance wildlife problem. Plus, spending money locally helps keep money local! Creature Control operates directly out of Grand Rapids. The technicians who service your home are members of your community!

Companies local to the area also have a better idea of how geography affects wildlife ecology. For example, downtown Grand Rapids is dominated by the Grand River. This river provides harborage for millions of insects that bats feed on. Consequently, requests for bat control in Grand Rapids are common. The city’s urban core also provides an ideal ecosystem for raccoons, opossums, and other mammals that thrive in densely populated areas.

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