Michigan animal removal and pest control in Holly


Holly Animal Removal

Creature Control is your one-stop-shop for all your nuisance wildlife needs in Holly! Whether its bat removal, squirrel trapping, mouse control, or raccoon removal, Creature Control’s experienced and professional technicians can handle it! Please visit our awesome animal species page for more information.

Holly Pest Control

We also provide premiere pest control services with no contracts! Ant control, bed bug treatments, yellow-jacket removal, bald faced hornet nest removal, and more! Check out our insect-pest pages for great information on Michigan’s common nuisance insects.

Related Services

Creature Control can also provide a variety of repair and maintenance services related to wildlife damage. For example, measurement and installation of chimney caps, rat walls, bird guards, as well as removal and replacement of insulation damaged by bat and raccoon urine and feces, recommendations on insurance claims for wildlife damage, general foundation seals, and much more. We are licensed residential builders with years of experience, so there is not much we can’t deal with! Visit our related services page for more information.

Contact Creature Control today to speak with a wildlife control expert, or call us at 810-588-3482 or 800-441-1519.