Michigan animal removal and pest control in Howell

Howell, MI


Creature Control is a locally family owned and operated wildlife control company. Located in Gregory, we provide quality pest control and animal removal services to Howell, MI. and the greater Howell area, including Fowlerville, Brighton, Pinckney, Hartland, Hamburg, and Gregory. Yes, we even go up to Cohoctah! Creature Control is your one-stop-shop for all wildlife problems. All animals. All insects. Guaranteed.

Howell Animal Removal Services

Creature Control provides a host of animal removal services in Howell. Do you have mice in the attic? Groundhogs under the deck? Skunks snooping around? Bats in the attic? Squirrels running around in your roof? We handle any and all animal removal issues, whether mouse control, groundhog or raccoon trapping, bat control in Howell, and much more. Give us a call, we can handle it – or visit our animal removal page for more information on the different nuisance animal species common in Michigan and our wildlife control services in Howell.

Howell Pest Control: Effective and Local

Pest control is the management of nuisance insects. We also handle all manner of insect related problems and provide a full range of pest control services in Howell. This includes very common problems like carpenter ant infestations, yellow jackets and hornets, but also things like bed bug treatments, cock roach extermination, honey bee extraction and more. Visit our insect-pest control page for a comprehensive list of all the insects we deal with and our the pest control services in Howell.

Creature Control Related Services

We also handle more than just animals and insects! Sometimes a wildlife problem leaves you in need of other services: removal of damaged insulation and replacement with new, sealing up of entry points, repairs to a roof damaged by animal entry, installation of chimney caps to keep critters out. Creature Control provides a variety of these related services. We are licensed residential builders and are skilled in all aspects of maintenance and home repair. We can also give you recommendations on your insurance policy and possible claims relating to animal damage. Visit our related services page for more information.

Why Go With a Local Company?

Any internet search for pest control and wildlife removal companies will reveal a whole slew of competitors; some you may recognize as national franchises, others are just referral services. It is tricky to find a truly local wildlife controller. But why go with a local company over a national franchise?

Obviously using a local company keeps your money local and benefits the community. It’s also better for questions and follow-up; if you have a problem or question about your service, would you rather deal with a national call center or just talk to somebody locally?

Ultimately, local wildlife controllers are going to be more knowledgeable about the problems specific to our ecosystem. Companies who actually are located in southeastern Michigan will have a more intimate knowledge of the sorts of wildlife issues common to our area. For example, the Chain of Lakes area in Pinckney-Hamburg harbor millions of small insects, which in turn provide food for thousands of bats. This means folks who live near the Chain of Lakes are much more likely to have bat problems. A local technician who knows this will make sure to keep an eye out for signs of bat entry when inspecting your house. We are local to Livingston County and know the Howell area very well.


Creature Control services all of Livingston County, including Brighton, Pinckney, Hamburg, Whitmore Lake, Fowlerville, Cohoctah, Byron, and Gregory.