Michigan animal removal and pest control in Lapeer


Thank you for visiting Creature Control! We are a family owned, locally operated pest control and wildlife removal company servicing the greater Lapeer area, as well as Oakland County and much of southern Michigan. We are your one-stop-shop for all pest and wildlife needs, providing efficient, reliable service at competitive prices. Read on to learn more about our wildlife removal services in Lapeer.

Lapeer Animal Removal

Animal removal/wildlife removal is the trapping, eviction, or exclusion of unwanted wildlife. Some of the most common animal removal services in Lapeer we perform are skunk trapping, raccoon trapping and raccoon removal, squirrel trapping, groundhog trapping, and mouse control/rodent control. One common request Creature Control gets is for bat removal services in Lapeer. Whether it is bat eviction, mouse control, or just trapping an obnoxious groundhog, Creature Control is your one-stop shop for wildlife control needs. Please visit our animal species pages to learn more about the animal removal services in Lapeer we provide, as well learn about Michigan’s wildlife.

Lapeer Pest Control

Creature Control also offers a host of pest control services in Lapeer. Some of the common pest control services in Lapeer provided by Creature Control are carpenter ant treatments, sprays for stinging insects, bald faced hornet nest removal, perimeter treatments for spiders, centipedes, and other occasional invaders, as well as bed bug treatments, cock roach extermination, and much more. Please visit our insect species pages for more details on Michigan’s nuisance insects, as well as our pest control services in Lapeer.

Related Services

Creature Control understands that your wildlife problems might not go away just because an animal has been removed. Animal urine and feces can damage your attic, entry points may require closing, roofs and siding could be in need of repair, and much more. Creature Control offers a host of related services to help to restore your home and property after nuisance wildlife is removed. Please visit our related services page for more information.

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