Michigan animal removal and pest control in New Buffalo


Creature Control is a family owned, veteran owned, locally operated pest and wildlife control company servicing New Buffalo, Berrien County, and much of the west lakeshore region. We are your one-stop-shop for all your pest control and animal removal needs in New Buffalo. All animals. All insects.

New Buffalo Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife Removal services are the heart of Creature Control. Wildlife removal is the trapping, removal, and exclusion of nuisance wildlife. Do you have bats in the attic? We can get them out. We can also trap raccoons, evict squirrels, perform bird exclusions, and much more.  We also perform a lot of rodent extermination/mouse control in New Buffalo. So, if you have any issues with mammals, birds, or lizards, we can take care of you! Please check out our animal species pages for more great information on Michigan’s nuisance wildlife. And call Creature Control for animal removal services in New Buffalo.

New Buffalo Pest Control

Creature Control also provides quality pest control services in New Buffalo. Pest Control is the management of unwanted insect populations. This could be any number of things, from removal of hornets’ nests to treatments for carpenter ants; it could be seasonal control for spiders or earwigs, or treatments for carpenter bees and general sprays to deter stinging insects. What ever your pest control problem is, Creature Control’s experienced technicians can take care of it. We are experienced in both commercial and residential services and are well equipped to handle your pest control needs. Visit our insect species pages for more information on Michigan’s nuisance insects, and call Creature Control for all your pest control services in New Buffalo!