Michigan animal removal and pest control in Ortonville


Welcome to Creature Control! We are a full service pest control and wildlife control company servicing Ortonville, Brandon Township and all of Oakland County. Family owned, locally operated, Creature Control is Michigan’s premier independent provider of pest control and animal removal services. All animals, all insects!

Ortonville Wildlife Removal

Wildlife removal is the heart of Control’s business. Some of the common animal removal services we provide for Ortonville and Brandon Township are raccoon trapping and removal, groundhog trapping, skunk trapping, squirrel removal, bird exclusion, and mouse control/rodent control. Calls for bat removal in Ortonville are also common. The township has a lot of lakes and rivers – places like Lake Louise, Bald Eagle Lake, Perry Lake (and the various streams and canals that connect them) provide harborage to insects that bats feed on. For more information on our wildlife removal services in Ortonville, please peruse our animal species pages.

Ortonville Pest Control

Creature Control also provides pest control services in Ortonville and Brandon Township. Some of the common pest control services we offer in Ortonville are carpenter ant treatments, bed bug treatment, bald faced hornet nest removal and sprays for other stinging insects, as well as perimeter treatments to manage spiders, earwigs, centipedes and other occasional invaders. To learn more about Michigan’s nuisance insects and the pest control services we offer in Ortonville, we recommend checking out our insect species pages.

Related Services

Creature Control understands that sometimes a wildlife problem does not end with the removal of the nuisance pest. Animals like raccoons can pull back and damage singles or siding. Bats and mice can destroy attic insulation with their urine and feces. We provide a host of services geared towards restoring your home after damage from nuisance wildlife, including replacing attic insulation, repairing ridge vents, installing chimney caps and even helping guide homeowners through the often complicated process of working with insurance companies. Click here to learn more about the related services Creature Control offers in Ortonville!

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