Michigan animal removal and pest control in Portage


Creature Control is a Michigan owned and locally operated pest control and wildlife removal company servicing Portage and Kalamazoo. We offer competitively priced services with professionalism and a personal touch. All animals, all insects.

Portage Wildlife Removal

Wildlife removal is the heart of Creature Control’s services. Wildlife removal means the eviction, trapping, exclusion, or relocation of nuisance wildlife animals. Some common wildlife removal services in Portage we provide are bat removal services, mouse control, raccoon trapping, groundhog trapping, bird control, and much more. Please visit Creature Control’s wildlife species pages for more information about our wildlife removal services in Portage.

Portage Pest Control

Pest control means the management of nuisance insect/pests. Some of the common pest control service Creature Control provides include sprays for ants, yellow jackets, bed bug treatments, wood destroying insect inspections, recurring services for occasional invaders such as earwigs and spiders, and much more. Visit our pest control species pages for more great info about pest control services for Portage.

Related Services

Creature Control understands your problem does not necessarily go away after the animal is removed. Sometimes repairs need to be made, animal droppings need to be removed, or remediation needs to be done to undo the damage caused by nuisance wildlife. Creature Control can provide these related services, including helping guide homeowners through the often intimidating process of filing an insurance claim for animal damages. Check out our informative related services pages for more details.