Michigan animal removal and pest control in Rochester


Creature Control is a family owned and locally operated bat control company servicing Rochester, Rochester Hills,  and all of Oakland County. We are professionals in the animal removal and pest control industry, providing you professional, efficient service competitive prices. No contracts, no nonsense. We handle all animals, all insects. Guaranteed.

Rochester Animal Removal

Animal removal is the heart of Creature Control.  When you hear scratching or rustling in your walls or attic at night, Creature Control is your one-stop-shop for your nuisance wildlife needs. Bats in the house? Mouse problems? We provide professional bat inspections, bat evictions, and mouse extermination, as well as repairs to keep bats and mice from reentering the home. We also provide services for squirrel removal, raccoon trapping, groundhog trapping, and much more. Please visit our animal pages on learn more about Rochester’s nuisance mammals and how Creature Control can help solve your wildlife problems in Rochester.

Rochester Pest Control

Creature Control also provides professional, affordable pest control in Rochester. Some of the pest control services we provide in Rochester are wasp control and yellow jacket extermination, sprays for spiders, earwigs, and centipedes. We also do treatments for bed bugs, carpenter ant extermination, honey bee extraction and much more. Please check out our insect species pages for more information on our pest control services in Rochester, MI.

Related Services for Rochester

Creature Control also offers services relating to wildlife exclusion and repairs, including removal and replacement of insulation damaged by urine and feces, general foundation seals to keep rodents from getting in, rat walls to exclude burrowing animals, and repairs to bat entry points. Please visit our related services page for more information on services we offer; but please call the office with any questions – not all services are available in all territories.

Creature Control Related Services

Creature Control understands that your animal problem might not end with the removal of the animal from the home; sometimes there remains animal damage to be restored, animal odors to be remediated, or entry points to be sealed up. For this reason, Creature Control offers a variety of related services, such as chimney cap installation, measurement and installation of rat walls, general foundation seals to keep rodents out, removal and replacement of insulation damaged by animal droppings, roof an flashing repair, recommendations on insurance claims for animal damage, and much more. Please visit our related services page for more information on what we offer in Rochester Hills.

A Pure Michigan Business!

Creature Control was founded in Ann Arbor as a family-owned and operated business and continues to provide top-notch pest and animal control to ten counties in Michigan on the family-owned business model. We are not part of a national franchise, nor are we a call center that simply refers calls out to other businesses. We work out of Oakland County, and the folks you talk to on the phone are the same folks who will come out to your home! With professional, trustworthy technicians and trappers and prompt follow-up from our office staff, you can be confident that Creature Control is the best choice to handle your pest and animal control problems in Rochester!

Contact Creature Control via email or call one of our specialists at 248-306-9039.