Michigan animal removal and pest control in Saline

Downtown Saline


Creature Control is a family owned and locally operated pest and wildlife control company. Founded outside Chelsea in 2006, we provide professional, competitive pest control and animal removal services to Saline and all of Washtenaw County. From the birds to the bees, all animals, all insects, guaranteed.

Saline Animal Removal

Animal exclusion and animal trapping are the heart of Creature Control. Besides trapping professionally, our technicians are hunters and trappers in their private life. This is what we do best. Bat inspections and Saline bat removal, ground hog trapping, squirrel exclusion and trapping, raccoon removal, mole control, bird control, skunk trapping, and much more. If it moves, we can trap it. Visit our animal species page for more info on our animal removal services in Saline.

Saline Pest Control

Creature Control also provides efficient and professional pest control services in Saline. Some of the pest control services we provide are bed bug inspections and bed bug treatments, carpenter ant treatments, spraying for yellow-jackets, bald faced hornet nest removal, honey bee extraction, as well as four seasons treatments for occasional invaders such as spiders, centipedes, box elders, earwigs and more. Please visit our insect species pages for great resources on the biology of Michigan’s nuisance insect species and our pest control services in Saline.

Related Services

We also provide a variety of related services for those times when animals destroy your home and property. Some of the services we provide are installation of chimney caps and rat walls, removal and replacement of insulation damaged by animal urine and feces, general foundation seals to exclude rodents, installation of bird guards, and much more. We encourage you to take a look at our related services pages; we are licensed residential builders; whatever the issue, we can take care of it.

Why go local?

When choosing a pest and wildlife control company, it is important to get someone local to the area. A company with a knowledge of the local ecosystem is much better equipped to deal with animal control issues than a national call center. Creature Control is locally owned an operated; we are headquartered outside Ann Arbor and not part of a national franchise. Too often, national franchises market services in a given area but are unfamiliar with that region’s specific needs.

For example, animal control problems in Saline are related to three main factors: the Mill Pond on the west side of town, the concentration of historic buildings in downtown Saline, and the forested, hilly terrain of the surrounding area. How does all this effect wildlife?

The the Mill Pond and the watershed it connects to harbors millions of insects that bats feed on, which means that bat problems in Saline are more common. Consequently, bat infestations in Saline are common, and some of our most frequent calls are for bat exclusion in Saline. Plus, the abundance of older, historic homes in downtown Saline create ideal conditions for urban bat colonies since these homes usually are not sealed properly, enabling bats to get in an roost in spacious old attics.

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Other areas in Washtenaw County serviced by Creature Control: Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Dexter, Chelsea, Manchester, Milan, Willow Run, Dixboro, Salem, Willis, Lima. Providing Washtenaw County animal removal services and Washtenaw County pest control.