Michigan animal removal and pest control in Shelby Township


With all its streams, ponds and open land, Shelby Township is a haven for critters that invade your home and property. Fortunately, Creature Control is on hand to take care of all your nuisance wildlife needs! Whether its raccoon removal, bat removal & bat eviction, squirrel trapping, or pest control problems like hornet nest removal, carpenter ant treatments, or any other pest control problem, Creature Control is your one-stop-shop for wildlife problems in Shelby Township.

Locally Owned and Operated

Creature Control is a Michigan based company. We service Shelby Township right out of Oakland County. We are not a referral service nor a national franchise. We are proud to be southern Michigan’s largest family owned and locally operated pest and wildlife control company.

Animal Removal for Shelby Township

Animal removal is the trapping, exclusion, or removal of unwanted mammals, birds, or reptiles. Common animal removal services we provide are raccoon trapping and raccoon removal, mouse extermination/rodent control, groundhog trapping, bat evictions and bat removal, bird control, and squirrel trapping/squirrel exclusion. For more info, check out our awesome animal species pages for more about the nuisance wildlife common to Shelby Township.

Pest Control in Shelby Township

Pest control refers to the extermination of management of unwanted insects. This may include sprays for wasp removal, yellow jacket removal, hornet removal, carpenter ant treatments, preventative treatments for spiders, earwigs, and centipedes, dusting for carpenter bees, and much more. Check out our informative insect species pages for details on some of the pest common to Shelby Township.

Related Services

Creature Control also provides a variety of services relating to restoration and remediation of wildlife damage, including guiding customers through the process of filing insurance claims for animal cleanup and damage. Please see our related services page for more information on the services Creature Control provides for Shelby Township customers.

Please call 248-306-9039 to speak to our staff, or click here to email Creature Control for the most efficient, prompt pest control and animal removal services in Shelby Township.