Michigan animal removal and pest control in South Haven


Welcome to Creature Control! We are a family owned, locally operated wildlife control and pest control company servicing South Haven and all of Van Buren County. We offer competitively priced, professional services for all manner of wildlife problems. From the birds to the bees and everything in between, Creature Control is your one stop shop for quality pest and wildlife solutions.

South Haven Wildlife Removal

Wildlife removal is the trapping, exclusion, eviction, or removal of unwanted nuisance animals – be they mammals, birds, or reptiles. Some of the wildlife removal services in South Haven offered by Creature Control include raccoon trapping and removal, squirrel eviction, groundhog removal and much more; bat removal in South Haven is a common request, as the Black River harbors millions of insects that bats feed on, making South Haven a hot spot for bats. For more information on Creature Control’s animal removal/wildlife removal services in South Haven, we recommend you check out our nifty animal species pages for lots of great information on Michigan’s nuisance wildlife.

South Haven Pest Control

Besides our wildlife control services, Creature Control also provides pest control in South Haven, MI. Pest control is the management of nuisance insect populations and can include services such as perimeter sprays for control of spiders, earwigs, and centipedes; treatments for yellowjackets and stinging insects, carpenter ant treatments, bed bug treatments, cock roach extermination, mosquito control, and much more. Whatever the insect problem, we can handle it. Creature Control is your professional solution for all South Haven pest control problems. For more information, please view our pest species pages for educational articles on Michigan’s nuisance insects, as well as our pest control services for South Haven.

Related Services

Creature Control understands that your problems don’t always end just because the wildlife has been removed. Unwanted animals can leave damaged property in their wake, including ripped siding, damaged roofing, insulation soiled by urine and feces, dislocated soffits, and much more. For this reason, we offer a range of related services to help you restore your home and property after an animal problem. We can even talk you through the often intimidating procedure of filing an insurance claim for animal damage. Please see our related services page for more details on the related services Creature Control offers in South Haven.

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