Michigan animal removal and pest control in South Lyon

South Lyon


Welcome to Creature Control! We are a family owned and locally operated pest and wildlife control company servicing South Lyon, Lyon township, Northville and all of western Oakland County. We are specialists in the pest and wildlife control field and have been providing quality wildlife removal services in South Lyon for years. From the birds to the bees, all animals, all insects, guaranteed!

South Lyon Animal Removal

Animal removal is the heart of our business. Our technicians are not only licensed wildlife controllers; they are hunters and trappers in their private life as well. Animal removal is what we do! Some of the animal removal services we provide are raccoon removal, skunk trapping, bat inspections and bat exclusion, mole control, bird exclusion, groundhog trapping, mouse control and rodent extermination, and much more. Please take a look at our animal species pages for more information on your specific problem.

South Lyon Pest Control

We also provide a full range of pest control services for management of nuisance insects. Examples of pest control services we offer in South Lyon include bed bug inspections and bed bug treatments, yellow jacket treatments, carpenter ant treatments and ant extermination, bald faced hornet nest removal, honey bee extraction, as well as general pest treatments for control of season insects such as spiders, earwigs, box elders, centipedes and more. Please visit our insect species pages for more information!

Related Services for Home and Property

We understand that removing an animal alone might not solve all your problems. Sometimes there is damage to repair and entry points to seal. For this reason Creature Control also provides a host of related services, such as installation of chimney caps and bird guards, construction of rat walls, removal and replacement of insulation ruined by animal urine and feces, foundation seals, repairs to roofing and flashing, and much more. We encourage you to visit our related services page for a more comprehensive view of how Creature Control can help you secure your home and property.

Benefits of Using a Local Company

In an age of box stores and national franchises, everybody likes to keep money local. From a wildlife control standpoint, there are practical benefits to this as well. A local company understands the ecosystem and its relation to common wildlife problems. For example, the large number of small lakes and ponds surrounding South Lyon provide harborage for millions on insects that bats feed on. Consequently, calls for bat removal in South Lyon are fairly common. Our technicians always know to keep an eye out for bat problems when they are in South Lyon!

Please contact Creature Control today, or give us a call at 248-306-9039 to speak with a one of our professionals.