Michigan animal removal and pest control in St. Joseph


Welcome to Creature Control! We are a family owned, veteran owned, and locally operated wildlife control and pest control company servicing St. Joseph, Shoreham, South Haven, and the entire southwest Michigan shoreline. We are your one stop shop for pest and wildlife needs. All animals, all insects! Call Creature Control for wildlife control in St. Joseph!

St. Joseph Wildlife Removal

Wildlife removal is the trapping, removal, and exclusion of nuisance wildlife from your home and property. This includes bat removal and bat eviction, raccoon trapping and raccoon removal, mouse control, bird control, groundhog trapping and much more. Creature Control provides efficient and professional animal removal for St. Joseph.

Bats and rodents are two of the most common and troublesome nuisance animals in Michigan. Scratching in the attic or rustling in your walls at night are tell-tale signs of bat and/or mouse infestations. Creature Control provides efficient and professional bat inspections and bat control to restore your peace of mind. Please visit our bat and mouse pages for more information on these common pests, or our animal species pages for awesome articles on Michigan’s other wildlife.

St. Joseph Pest Control

St. Joseph is an old town, and like any city with lots of historic buildings, it has a variety of pest control problems. Creature Control provides prompt and professional pest control for St. Joseph and the surrounding areas. Some common pest control services requested in St. Joseph are bed bug inspections and bed bug treatments, yellow jacket treatments, sprays for spider control, ant control, and earwig control, as well as removal of bald faced hornet nests and much more. Visit our insect species pages for more information on some of the pest control services we provide for St Joseph.

Related Services

Bats, mice and other critters gain access to the home through entry points. These entry points may be openings in the foundation, soffit vents, warped ridge vents, or siding that has pulled away. Creature Control not only removes bats and mice from your home, but we offer a variety of related services to seal your home against future animal reentry and restore damage caused by nuisance wildlife. Some examples of related services we offer are general foundation seals, repairing of ridge vents and roofs damaged by animal entry, removal and replacement of insulation damaged by animal urine and feces, and much more. Please visit our related services page for more information on the repairs and preventative maintenance Creature Control can provide.

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