Michigan animal removal and pest control in Sterling Heights


Welcome to Creature Control! Creature Control is a family owned, locally operated wildlife removal and pest control company servicing Sterling Heights and the greater Macomb County area. Combining personalism, professionalism, and efficiency, Creature Control’s team of wildlife and pest technicians can handle all of your nuisance wildlife problems. Creature Control is proud to be veteran owned, and Michigan’s largest independent wildlife control company. We are your one-stop-shop for animal control and pest control in Sterling Heights.

Sterling Heights Animal Removal

Animal removal is the heart of Creature Control’s business. Our wildlife control and animal control services in Sterling Heights include raccoon trapping and raccoon removal, squirrel trapping, bat removal, skunk trapping, groundhog removal, bird exclusion, and much more. Hearing noises in the attic? Scratching at night? Let one of our experienced technicians help diagnose and solve your wildlife problem. For more information on our animal control services in Sterling Heights – or to learn more about Michigan’s nuisance wildlife – please visit our informative wildlife species pages.

Sterling Heights Pest Control

Creature Control also offers affordable pest control services in Sterling Heights. Pest control is the management of insect and rodent populations. Our pest control services in Sterling Heights include cockroach control, rodent control and mouse extermination/mouse control, bed bug treatments, sprays for ants, spiders, and earwigs, removal of hornet nests, yellow jacket sprays, and much more. For more great info on Michigan’s nuisance insects, please visit our insect species pages.

Creature Control’s Related Services

Creature Control understands that the issue surfacing from a wildlife problem do not necessarily end just because the critters are gone. A nuisance wildlife problem can leave behind a host of issues. Raccoons can tear open soffit vents or pull up shingles, bat guano can destroy attic insulation, re squirrels can damage siding, and so on. Creature Control maintains a restoration crew that is capable of fixing all these issues for you so you can enjoy the use of your home and property. We can even help navigate you through the often confusing process of filing an insurance claim for wildlife damage. Learn more about our restoration services in Sterling Heights on our related services pages.

To schedule and appointment with one of our technicians, or for more information on Creature Control’s animal removal and pest control services in Sterling Heights, give us a call at 586-331-3140 or contact us via email.