Michigan animal removal and pest control in Stockbridge


Creature Control is a family owned and locally operated animal removal and pest control company servicing Stockbridge, Gregory, Unadilla, and the greater Ingham and Livingston County areas. All animals, all insects – Creature Control is your one stop shop for wildlife removal services in Stockbridge. Operating out of Gregory, we are locally owned and capable of handling your nuisance wildlife and pest control problems in a timely, efficient, and affordable manner.

Stockbridge Animal Removal

Animal removal and wildlife control are the heart of our business. Creature Control provides a full range of animal removal services in Stockbridge, including bird removal, raccoon removal and raccoon trapping, bat removal in Stockbridge, groundhog trapping, squirrel removal, and much, much more. Please visit our awesome animal species pages for more information on Creature Control’s wildlife removal services in Stockbridge.

Stockbridge Pest Control

We also your premiere pest control company in Stockbridge. Pest control is the management of nuisance insects. Some of the pest control services we provide are bald faced hornet removal, carpenter ant treatments, bed bug treatments, sprays for stinging insects such as yellow jackets and wasps, carpenter bee sprays, mosquito sprays, wood destroying insect inspections and much more. Visit our insect species pages for more details on Michigan’s nuisance insects and some of Creature Control’s pest control services in Stockbridge.

We also provide a host of related services, such as restoration for damages done by animals, guidance for filing insurance claims for animal damage, and much more.

Creature Control can be reached at 517-897-2655 or Contact us today for a consultation.