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Welcome to Oakland County Creature Control! We are a full-service pest and wildlife control company servicing Troy and most of Oakland County. Originally founded in Ann Arbor by two brothers, we are still a family-owned and operated business today providing animal removal and pest control services all over the state! Creature Control is the one stop shop for all your pest and wildlife needs, combining insect-pest control and wildlife control services so you never need to go anywhere else. All animals. All insects. If it moves, we can handle it. We are Troy’s premier pest and animal control experts!

Animal Removal/Animal Control for Troy!

Every area has its own unique wildlife issues based on environment. In Troy, for example, there is a prevalence of opossums, skunks and raccoons, creatures common in a heavily urbanized environment. Other problems are seasonal, such as mice in the autumn, bald faced hornets in July-August and bats in the Spring. Bats in Troy are a particular problem, as the urban environment provides many locations for them to roost. Whether it is bat removal and bat exclusion, raccoon trapping and removal, or just spraying for ants, Creature Control can handle it. For more information on specific species, please visit our animal pages!

Pest Control/Insect Control in Troy

Creature Control also handles a variety of insect problems in Troy. Treatments for spiders, yellow jackets, carpenter ants, hornets, roaches or even bed bug infestations are all services we provide. Please visit our insect pages for more information on Michigan’s nuisance insect pests.

The Importance of Environment

Common animal control and pest control problems in Troy are intimately bound up with the environment. Because Troy is a dense urban area surrounded by many other urban areas, raccoons, opossums and skunks are going to be frequent animal control problems, since all three thrive in urban areas. The many homes and shops all clustered together also provide ample opportunities for wasps and hornets to make hives. At Creature Control, we understand the role environment can play in pest and animal control problems, utilizing a combination of humane trapping methods and habitat modification to ensure that your wildlife problem is handled in the most efficient and cost effective manner, whether that entails live trapping, animal exclusion, or pesticide applications done in keeping with the principles of Integrated Pest Management.

Related Services

Creature Control also provides services relating to restoration and clean up of damage caused by wildlife. Attic cleanouts, bird guards, restoration of insulation damaged by animal urine and feces, roof repairs, exclusion repairs, rat wall installation, guidance on filing insurance claims for animal damage, and much more. Please visit our related services page for more information on some of Creature Control’s other services.

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