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How Subzero Temperatures Affect Pest Control

If you live in Michigan or anywhere in the northeast, the first week of January was one of record low temperatures and record snowfalls. Here in Michigan, we dealt with 15-17 inches of snow and temperatures as low as -17°F with wind chills as low as -30°F. One would think that in these sorts of conditions, animal activity probably comes to a standstill. Yet, surprisingly enough, animal control companies are often inundated with calls during these deep freezes. Here’s why.

Many mammals hibernate during the winter. However, there are many who do not. Mice, squirrels and raccoons are all awake and active during the winter. Bats, though they go into dormancy, will also occasionally wake up periodically throughout the winter if there are extreme temperature changes, as we saw last week.

If you lived outdoors during this sort of deep freeze, what would be your primary concern? To find warm shelter, of course. Similarly, when temperatures drop this quickly, all of these animals will be looking for a warm place to find shelter. In most cases, this “warm place” is going to be the residence of some unfortunate humans who are about to share their house with an animal. Thus, attempts of animals to get into your home can become quite aggressive in these conditions. Mice in particular become a real problem, because they are capable of getting in from such small entry points.

If you are noticing increased rodent activity or dealing with the shuffling of bats in the attic during this deep freeze, give Creature Control a call at 1-800-441-1519 or contact us here for a phone consultation.

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