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Swarming Boxelders!

In Michigan, the changing of the seasons brings with it an abundance of boxelder bugs. The boxelder is a type of beetle, easily identifiable by the reddish-orange markings on their backs. They take their name from the boxelder tree, where they feed and lay eggs during the warmer months.

Boxelders are a huge nuisance in the spring and fall. In the fall, they tend to congregate en masse on the sunny side of homes where they search for cracks and crevices in which to overwinter to keep warm. The sheer quantity of boxelders that can congregate can be staggering, leading home owners to panic. The autumn swarming of box elders is temporary, however, and goes away as soon as the weather gets cold. However, if your home has not had some sort of perimeter or barrier treatment, its likely a lot of these boxelders will wind up in your home over the winter.

When spring arrives, boxelders are again seen in huge swarms as they come out of hibernation. This is also a good time to get a boxelder application, as the congregating of boxelder swarms in large groups makes them an easier target for a pesticide application. It’s also a great time to get a perimeter treatment, as there is always lots of insect activity

The important thing to remember if you are seeing swarming boxelders, spring or autumn, is that this is a common part of their life cycle, and the swarming usually ends within a few weeks.

Creature Control has several means of controlling boxelder populations. Perimeter treatments of the home’s exterior and crack and crevice treatments of the interior can help prevent boxelders from overwintering in your home. Creature Control technicians can also make small repairs to the foundation (such as caulking cracks) to deter boxelder entry. The best way to deal with boxelders that have already gotten into the home is to simply vacuum them up.

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