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Identifying a Honey Bee

“Help! I’ve got honey bees in my house!” As summer approaches, we start to get a lot more calls for “bees.” I put “bees” in quotation marks because often “bee” is a catch-all phrase people will use to refer to any and all stinging insects. Yellow jackets, carpenter bees, honey bees, bald faced hornets, mud […]

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California Man Finds 50,000 Honey Bees in Wall

When a Los Angeles man by the name of Larry Chen discovered that he has a massive hive of honey bees living in his wall, his first instinct was to preserve them rather than exterminate them. Chen is referring to the phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which is nothing more than a name […]

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Bees Disrupt Baseball Game in Denver

here are many sorts of stinging insects in the world, all with their unique habitats and behavior; sometimes they can be difficult for the untrained observer to positively identify. What is the difference between a hornet and a wasp? Between a German yellowjacket and an Eastern yellowjacket? Between the various various sorts of bees? One […]

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